Man Builds Dream House From Recycled Timber

You’ll be amazed at this stunning eco-friendly home built from recycled timber. Watch the full video on how designer and builder Geoff built his dream home in the perfect location.

He built the home after he got out of architecture school and he purchased the piece of land with the thinking that he would get some experience, learn his craft, and build a home on the property.

During the project, he lived in a tent and created a tool shed, where he eventually lived in the loft above. He worked on a few designs before he decided to go ahead and build the home. All of the wood in the home comes from old buildings, he says that is probably the reason the build has taken him 14 years to complete.

The main structure was built from curved wood that came from the local Super Valu, which came to the property covered in paint and nails, so he had to take a floor sander and sand back and forth until he achieved the look that he wanted.

The amazing home is 5,600 square feet in size, with 6,300 square feet of roof on the building due to the large overhangs on the design. The unique home has a grotto and a natural bowl that is completely made of rock. You’ll want to watch the entire video for all the details.

Reclaimed or recycled timber is wood that is simply reused whether it be flooring from an old dockyard or a dismantled barn and then repurposed into something else.

Typically the wood doesn’t differ much from its original state but can be used in a variety of building projects and new designs. The following are some of the benefits of using reclaimed and recycled timber.

Durability, Stability, and Strength. Old timbers have expanded and contracted over the years and are fully dried out. This makes them more durable and less prone to warping and splitting compared to newly cut and dried lumber.

Old growth wood is usually denser (because tree rings are closer together from a slower growth period), stronger, and lasts longer than new growth wood.

Environmental Benefits. You probably already know that over-forestation means there are fewer trees out there in the forests, woods, and jungles. So it’s important to preserve what’s left.

Products made from reclaimed timber do this because they’re recycling old wood, preventing the need for further trees to be cut down. Meanwhile, when used in the construction trade reclaimed timber results in far fewer building materials being sent to landfill (which in turn is responsible for polluting the environment).

The problem with using building materials that have been newly developed, with materials such as plastics, means even more pollution in the air and waters.

History and Unique Story. Many people like to use reclaimed timber because they are drawn to products and building materials that have an interesting story. They may also appreciate the history or origin of the wood and the sense of nostalgia they feel when they see the building material installed in a space.